New ideas challenge contemporary beliefs and status quo. For example, the dangers and effects of global warming were challenged for decades as an environmentalist hoax. Today, as the polar caps melt and species become extinct, an environmental catastrophe is arriving.

The idea I am presenting to you is as democratic as the raising of hands to have the 'ayes' counted. It is law in 13 of the 17 major democracies. It is the oldest method for determining the will of a nation. This idea offers a simple solution to a complex problem. Our citizenry will support this solution of democratic process.

This solution disqualifies Congress, and the Democratic and Republican parties, from all legislative processes in the establishment of campaign finance law. This solution shall mandate public funding of federal elections. This solution shall replace the Federal Elections Commission with state and national convention committees for enforcing our constitutional amendment. This solution shall mandate free column space and free public airwaves during primary and general election cycles. This solution abolishes all corporate personhood precedents (1886), and all subsequent U.S. Supreme Court rulings that have given corporations Constitutional rights.

The quest to implement this solution has begun. This solution, this democratic process through the will of our citizenry, shall unite all Americans under one cause.
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